ATE in a nutshell

The ATE Training Program Enhances The Skills of Technicians

The founders of ATE forged the idea of a Electronic and Electrical training program while working as Mobile Automotive Technicians. Mobile technicians support local shops who do not have an in house programming and electrical expert. More and more we are asked how to find skilled electrical / electronic technicians. The answer is usually the same. “You have to build them. There are just not enough out there.” Our goal is to train those who want to learn. For those who are seasoned, we aspire to add a whole new level of automotive electrical training.

Automotive Networks Are Here

Automotive Electronics have become a big part of the automotive repair world. Automobiles have dozens of electronic modules all working together to give us comfort, economy and reliability. We teach each student the skills needed to diagnose, replace and program these modules.

Beyond The OEM

Our advanced classes take the technician beyond the bounds of both OEM and Vocational training. When there is little support from the manufactures, we teach the skills needed to read and program electronic parts. As long as used parts are available, there is a good chance the parts can be used again in another vehicle.